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Autologous Reconstruction has several distinct advantages, such as the creation of a natural look and feel to the new breasts.  It additionally avoids the use of foreign material such as silicone or cadaver-based tissues used for implant-based breast reconstruction.  Autologous tissue flaps are isolated with their associated blood supply and transferred from one part of the body to the other, and are thus referred to as “free flaps.” Free flap surgery is vastly more complex than pedicled or local flap surgery, as it requires the surgeon to have extensive expertise in microsurgery.


What is autologous breast reconstruction?

Our Beverly Hills autologous flap for breast reconstruction procedure involves the use of skin, soft tissue and fat from a donor area such as the back, buttocks, thighs or abdomen. This type of surgery is most appropriate for women who have adequate fat content on their bodies to draw from. 

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When the tissue is separated from its original blood vessels and then reattached in the chest, this is referred to as free flap surgery. When the tissue remains attached to its original blood source and is transferred to the chest area still connected, this is referred to as pedicled or local flap reconstruction.  With free flaps, the surgeon must have extensive skill in microsurgery to reattach the blood vessels properly and make sure the breast mounds are receiving sufficient blood flow.

Dr. Zampell has trained extensively in microsurgery and performs a wide variety of flap reconstruction and some of the most natural breast augmentation Torrance has available, including the DIEP flap, SIEA flap, extended abdominal flap, PAP flap, LTP flap, and a variety of other tailored reconstructions. Fat grafting can be combined with autologous breast reconstruction to create the most aesthetically pleasing results. The choice of flap surgery will depend on no small degree on your body type, your desired breast size, your oncologic treatment plan, and the skill of your reconstructive surgeon.

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What are the benefits of autologous breast reconstruction?

  • Uses tissue from the patient’s own body to form the breast mound
  • Realistic, natural-looking outcome
  • Increased self-confidence in one’s image
  • Eliminates complication risks of foreign material
  • Lowered risk of long-term complications
  • Added benefit of slimming and toning the donor area
  • Increased symmetry
  • Nipple reconstruction is more viable
  • Better option for patients facing radiation

Who is a good candidate for natural breast augmentation?

  • You desire a modest change in breast size
  • You wish to use your own breast tissue to recreate the bust
  • You are in good mental and physical health
  • You are free from any major medical issue that would complicate your reconstructive surgery
  • You are realistic in your expectations for your results
  • You are willing to follow Dr. Zampell’s instructions before and after surgery

What will my recovery entail?

After surgery, you will be monitored in the hospital for a few days. You will be asked to wear a compression garment for the donor site that helps decrease swelling and a surgical bra to support the newly constructed breast. The typical recovery period is three to six weeks, and you are encouraged to begin gentle movement within the first day after surgery, walking the second day after surgery, and return to light exercise within two weeks of surgery. These actions can reduce complications, reduce pain, stimulate circulation and improve your mood. Most women return to work within four to six weeks.

Why choose Dr. Zampell for natural breast augmentation?

Dr. Zampell has the expertise and skill to perform complex, intricate microsurgery techniques that are mandatory for free flap surgery. While not every patient will require free flap surgery, it is good to work with a surgeon who can do all types of autologous procedures, as it affords the widest range in aesthetic choices and allows for some very natural breast reconstruction. Dr. Zampell’s background in cosmetic and plastic surgery make her the ideal choice because she also has the eye of an artist to create elegant, balanced results that are of maximum visual appeal.

After graduating from the Ohio State University College of Medicine, Dr. Zampell pursued an elite plastic surgery residency at New York University, followed by a challenging fellowship in the complex field of microsurgery at the University of California Los Angeles. At Ochsner Medical Center in Louisiana, Dr. Zampell worked in partnership with Dr. Robert Allen, a visionary in the field of autologous breast reconstruction. Dr. Allen originally described many perforator free flap reconstructions including the DIEP and SIEA flap—techniques which avoid injury to abdominal musculature and reduce donor site complications. Dr. Zampell adopted these techniques along with new innovations in flap reconstruction to provide some of most natural breast reconstruction Beverly Hills has to offer.

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