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What is breast augmentation?

Whether the cause is from aging, pregnancy, genetics or massive weight loss, when the breasts deflate and lose their shape it can cause deep dissatisfaction with one’s image. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to help increase a woman’s cup size, giving her a wealth of new wardrobe options as well as a boost in self-esteem.

Who is the best candidate for a breast enhancement procedure?

If you are a woman over 18 who is unhappy with the size and shape of her breasts, why not consult Dr. Zampell to find out if a breast augmentation procedure is right for your needs? Good candidates are at a healthy weight for their frame, are free from significant medical issues, and are realistic in what they hope to achieve with their surgery.

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What are the different types of breast augmentation performed?

Implants—Enhancement can be accomplished using either saline or silicone implants. An incision will be made either within the breast crease, around the areola, or in an inverted T-shape around the nipple and down to the inframammary fold when combined with a breast lift. The choice of implants and the location of the incision will be decided upon by you and Dr. Zampell during your private consultation in Beverly Hills.

Autologous breast augmentation—Dr. Zampell can perform breast augmentation using tissue taken from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. Autologous tissue can be used in a similar way to a breast implant, placed underneath the breast mound to augment the natural breast. For women who have experienced complications with implant augmentation, they may be candidates for implant removal and replacement with their own tissue for augmentation. A realistic breast mound is created, and the donor area is beneficially slimmed.

Natural enhancement with fat transfer—Fat can be harvested from an area of the body where it is unwelcome, such as the hips, thighs, belly or waist, and then purified and sterilized for injection into the chest. A natural breast augmentation can be stunning and elegant, but it typically only increases the bust size by a single cup.

What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

  • A fuller, perkier breast profile
  • A more proportionate, balanced physique
  • Improved symmetry in the breasts
  • Restoration of breasts after cancer
  • Improved satisfaction with one’s appearance
  • A better fit in swimwear and eveningwear
  • Customized procedure with a wide range of implants available
  • Option for autologous breast enhancement using your own tissue

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What will my recovery be like?

Healing will differ for each patient based on your personal response to surgery, but in general you will enjoy an expedited recovery thanks to Dr. Zampell’s industrious and conservative techniques. Swelling, bruising, tenderness and discoloration are to be expected with breast augmentation surgery, but Dr. Zampell will provide recuperation tips as well as pain medication prescriptions.

You will need to refrain from heavy lifting and strenuous activity for several weeks, so it may be prudent to hire a helper to assist with household chores or childcare. A compression garment may be worn temporarily to help reduce swelling and keep your new breast shape looking fabulous.

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Why choose Dr. Zampell in Beverly Hills?

Dr. Zampell has dedicated her career to delivering exceptional breast surgery results, whether it’s creating cosmetic outcomes that enhance your natural beauty and femininity or reconstructing the breasts after cancer for an improved sense of dignity and self-confidence.

After graduating with honors from Ohio State University College of Medicine, Dr. Zampell achieved several important career milestones, including the pursuit of a plastic surgery residency at New York University, and the completion of an elite fellowship in microsurgery at University of California Los Angeles.

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