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What is microsurgery?

Microsurgery has become invaluable in the field of reconstructive surgery. Those patients affected by cancer, trauma, injury and congenital deformities can achieve incredible outcomes through the use of microsurgery. Our Beverly Hills microsurgery is used in cases where the surgeon needs to transfer tissue from one area of the body (the donor site) to a new area of the body.  It is a technique that can even be utilized for aesthetic applications, including autologous breast augmentation, using your own tissue to augment the breast or to replace breast implants.

What are the benefits of microsurgery?

  • Muscle sparing procedures
  • Long-lasting results
  • Aesthetically pleasing outcome
  • Realistic look and feel to the breasts
  • Greater precision and accuracy
  • Improved cosmesis and sculpting of the donor site
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Who makes a good candidate for microsurgery?

Dr. Zampell’s Torrance microsurgery is just one of the innovative specialty techniques practiced during autologous breast reconstruction. Dr. Zampell will perform an in-depth physical evaluation at the time of your initial consultation, after which she will determine the best course of action for resolving your concerns. If microsurgery is required, Dr. Zampell will explain the procedure and its goals to you in detail. Rest assured, you will leave your consultation feeling fully informed and empowered.

What can I expect from my microsurgery recovery?

You will be monitored for at least 48 to 72 hours in the hospital after any microsurgical procedure. You may be asked to wear surgical garments to help minimize your swelling and keep your new breast shape intact. Drains may be placed temporarily in order to help rid the body of excess fluids as it heals.

Dr. Zampell will provide a thorough perioperative treatment and recovery plan. She will offer you detailed guidance on healing:

  • Caring for your incisions
  • Taking medications
  • Sleeping, eating and bathing
  • Activity restrictions
  • Scheduling follow-up visits

Why choose microsurgeon Dr. Zampell in Beverly Hills?

Restoring your image—Dr. Zampell strives to create the same aesthetically-pleasing results with her reconstructive surgeries as she does with her cosmetic surgeries, knowing how important it is for breast cancer survivors to feel positive and confident about their appearance after surgery. Dr. Zampell will work carefully with you to create obtainable goals for your outcome based on your unique anatomy. She will tailor her surgical approach to reflect your ultimate vision for your breasts, just one reason (of the many) why she is possibly the best microsurgeon Torrance has to offer. 

Rigorous training—In addition to completing an advanced fellowship in microsurgery at the University of California Los Angeles, Dr. Zampell trained side-by-side with Dr. Robert Allen, a veteran reconstructive surgeon responsible for many of the most common flap techniques used today in breast surgery. Dr. Zampell graduated from Ohio State University College of Medicine, and followed this with the completion of a surgical residency at the prestigious New York University. She continues to pursue training in cutting-edge techniques in order to deliver superior results to her patients of Torrance, Beverly Hills and beyond.

Compassionate practice environment—Dr. Zampell has created a sanctuary in Beverly Hills where patients of all ages and backgrounds can feel at ease in expressing their most private concerns and hopes for the future. Respect, transparency and integrity are the guiding principles of Dr. Zampell’s practice. 

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