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What is breast revision?

Breast revision involves addressing imperfections or complications that may have arisen as a result of a prior breast augmentation, reduction, lift, or reconstructive surgery. A revision can also reverse many unwanted side effects such as capsular contracture or double bubble. Certain patients may experience heightened anxiety when considering a secondary procedure, yet Dr. Zampell possesses the ability to alleviate their concerns, imparting her wealth of knowledge and experience to empower her patients.

Who makes a good candidate for breast revision surgery in Beverly Hills?

Ideal candidates for breast revision surgery are in good overall health, both mentally and physically, and maintain realistic expectations regarding the outcomes of their procedure. The objective is enhancement rather than achieving absolute perfection. Dr. Zampell will arrange a confidential consultation with you in Beverly Hills to explore your breast revision options. During this consultation, she will conduct a thorough physical assessment and review your medical history, crafting a tailored surgical plan that aligns with your preferences and ensuring access to some of the best breast revision surgery available in Torrance.

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What are the most common reasons for undergoing a breast implant revision?

Malposition—Occasionally breast implants will shift either towards each other in the center, away from each other, downwards or upwards, and this malfunction is called malposition.

Asymmetry—On occasion, one breast implant will migrate, creating an unbalanced appearance in the chest.

Rippling—When patients lack sufficient breast tissue to obscure the implant, unsightly visual rippling may occur.

Implant exchange—Now and then a breast implant patient will desire to change their implant size, either going up or down a cup size.

Removal of implants—This occurs when someone who has undergone breast augmentation decides to remove their implants completely, returning to their natural breast shape.

Capsular contracture—This occurs when the capsule that holds the breast implant becomes tight and hardened, squeezing the implant and often distorting the appearance of the breast.

More Reasons to Get a Breast Revision

Dr. Zampell also provides a revision for Torrance patients in other situations, such as for a previously reconstructed breast or previously lifted or reduced breast.  Revision breast reconstruction is performed for women who have previously undergone breast reconstruction but desire correction of deformity, symmetry, and overall appearance.  The original reconstructive technique may be updated or revised using a new technique altogether.

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What will my recovery be like?

Breast revision surgery recovery is typically more extensive than for a primary breast augmentation procedure. Patients should plan to set aside several weeks for healing and should limit their upper body motions for at least a week. It may be good to hire a helper to assist with household chores and childcare. The breasts will settle into their new shape after about two months from your Beverly Hills implant revision. Dr. Zampell will provide a thorough aftercare plan along with pain medications to ensure total comfort and recovery.

Why choose Dr. Zampell for breast revision surgery?

Our Beverly Hills breast revision surgery requires meticulous attention to detail and an innate understanding of the complex nature of breast surgery complications. Dr. Zampell is a highly experienced and consummate breast reconstructive surgeon who studied under world-renowned pioneer Dr. Robert Allen at the Ochsner Medical Center in Louisiana. She is passionate about delivering customized results that celebrate her patients’ assets and restoring quality of life as well as a sense of personal confidence.

Dr. Zampell graduated from Ohio State University College of Medicine, subsequently pursuing an elite residency in plastic surgery at New York University Medical Center. She then continued to hone her expertise with a demanding fellowship in the industrious field of microsurgery at the University of California Los Angeles.

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