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Written Testimonials

I owe an inestimable debt of gratitude to Dr. Zampell. She left me feeling 'whole' again. She is an amazing doctor and surgeon, in every regard, and you can trust she will take excellent care of you as you go through the process of reconstruction. It's not just that I recommend Dr. Zampell, it is that I would not recommend anyone but her.

- C. A.

Dr. Zampell, just wanted to thank you for all your support & kindness during my time here in the dept. I will truly miss you. I wish you nothing but success.

- A.

Dear Dr. Zampell. I can't thank you enough for your expertise in Plastic Surgery! I look & feel like a new person and I can see up now - All my best to you. Thank your for your superb job.

- F.

Again, thank you for always treating me with kindness and compassion. From myself, my husband & my family, we are praying for your success so you can continue to affect your patients lives in the same positive way you've changed mine & ours.

- K. & R.C.

Words can't explain what you've done for me over the past 16 months. I truly feel your amazing skill, talent & vision has changed my life. You've put humpty-dumpty back together again. I've felt so grateful to be free of cancer, yet something was still missing, which was my physical sense of self. With your wonderful work, I've found what's been missing. I feel whole.

Dr. Zampell, it has been my pleasure meeting you and having you as my surgeon. I just wanted to send you off with a little taste of New Orleans to remember us by. You will truly be missed.

- C.G.

Wishing you all the best in New Orleans. Learn great things, teach great things and come back to KP some day. Thank you for all the great care + fabulous outcomes of my surgery. I could not be happier. You are a great surgeon and a truly compassionate doctor. I was lucky to have you!

- T.C.

To my beautiful and lovely doctor, Jamie Zampell. I need to express to you all my gratitude for the care and attention to my person. I am really happy to have met you in these circumstances of my life, in my most difficult moments, where I received all your support, tenderness, understanding, patience and all your professionalism as a surgeon, doctor and friend. Thanks for your nobility and human gestures. I admire you, I love you, and respect you very much and I will always remember you as something truly special in my life. I will always keep you in my heart, my thoughts and in my prayers. I hope God opens doors of blessing wherever you go forever. And fill your life with love and happiness. God bless you always!

- S.L.

Dear Dr. Zampell, I am thankful for the excellent care you provided me during a very frightening time in my life being diagnosed with breast cancer. I know that you care very deeply about helping women move on by repairing their bodies from a mastectomy such as myself. That procedure was devastating for me, taking a part of my body. But with your skills and concern, you repaired my body to make me feel whole again, both physically and emotionally. While I am sorry that you're back to California from New Orleans, I wish you all the best. I know you will be helping many more patients. I'm amazed at how much you've accomplished as a doctor in your very young life and know you will move forward in making very great strides in medicine which is truly "your calling". I see your passion in helping others, you are Blessed with an awesome gift to heal. Enjoy being back with your family. If ever you return to New Orleans, I would love to see you!

- E.D.

Dr Zampell, thank you for your tremendous skill in performing my breast reconstruction surgery. Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. Your patience, kindness and understanding before and after my procedure has been greatly appreciated. I cannot thank you enough for "making me whole" again as a woman. This gift is a token of my appreciation and signifies the surgeon and person you are.


Dear Jamie, thank you for everything you've done for me. I appreciate your professionalism, kindness and a few laughs that we had together! I am excited for you and your new chapter in your career. I hope to keep in touch and wish you and Lionel the best.

- S.G.

Dr. Zampell, thank you very much for helping me and giving me the hope and life back. You are very professional and pleasant. Many thanks for everything you have been doing to me!

- X.

First and foremost, I just want to say thank you! Thank you for all that you've done for me throughout this journey. I am forever grateful to you and your staff, for my surgeries turning out so well. The "girls" look great!!! Lastly, I want to express how much of a wonderful surgeon you are and anyone you work with will experience this as well. I am so happy for you and this next chapter in your life. Live it up in Cali #YOLO

- A.K.

Thank your for being such an amazing physician... For always listening when I had concerns...For always going above and beyond...And for always being a source of support. This has been a long 6 months, but your attention to detail, sense of humour and your "I'm in this with you" spirit is what helped me through this. I wish you all the success and happiness!!! I will check in from time to time. Hope you see you some time next year.

- A.

It was a pleasure working with you in the OR and in research. I'm looking forward to plugging in again once I'm back at LSU. I hope I have another six years of learning from you in my future.


Dr. J. Zampell, the difference that you made in the lives of your patients, your kindness, sincere caring and love makes everything better and are great encouragement. We cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you have provided me from the moment I met you.

- Patient

To Dr. Zampell and Staff, just a quick note to express how thankful I am that I chose you as my plastic surgeon. You have been very compassionate, professional, and yet down to earth, which made me feel very comfortable with you and your staff. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. Your knowledge and skills gave me the look that I expected. You and your staff are awesome!! I wish you the best in your next endeavors in CA, you will do amazing. They will love you. Thanks for your friendly staff as well!

- M.M.

Dear Dr Zampell, I just want to thank you for you kindness and expertise! I'm so glad to be rid of my petrified boobs, and grateful to you for doing my surgery! My sincere thanks to everyone associated with your office, pre-op, OR, post-op + recovery, too! Everyone was/has been terrific. You all are awesome. Thank you again

- C.M.

P.S. I knew I was in good hands from the get-go. You get a gold star.

Dr. Zampell, thank you again for your expertise, kindness & patience.

- J.

You are truly a gifted surgeon and I'm so grateful for all you have done for me. Best wishes on your move, you will be missed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dear Dr. Zampell, thank you so much for your elegant work with my breast procedure. I am absolutely delighted with the result.

- A.T.

Dr. Zampell, thank you for my beautiful boobs. I am so lucky I got you as my surgeon. You are the best. All the best in your future adventures.

- B.


Here I was, 36 years old faced with Stage 3b inflammatory breast cancer. I underwent chemo, mastectomy, radiation, and reconstruction phases. I first met Dr. Zampell quickly after chemotherapy. This was the day I realized what I did with my body from this day forward would affect my outcome. I won’t go into too much details but having cancer puts you in the most vulnerable state. All of your team is telling you what you need to do to stay alive. And surrendering that white flag will shake you to your core, at least it did for me. Dr. Zampell informed me she would not operate on me just yet at least not the reconstruction phase. Let me be clear, she wouldn’t because she cared about my life. Chemo added weight to me on top of being overweight. I remember crying, because it hit me, I have to take care of this body that had betrayed me in the worse way. I had to lose the weight to get to that operating table. Dr. Zampell will swear she made me cry that day. But it wasn’t her, but because of her I was able to get to where I am. Not only am I cancer free thanks to an amazing team but my body looks better now prior to cancer. Every surgery Dr. Zampell assured me how well I had progressed giving me the confidence I needed to bare this journey of a war that I felt like I was up against. Every goal she set for me even on my worse days was such a motivation. I knew she wanted me to look good. I knew she would do all she could. And if I just followed her instructions I could look great. And I do. My goodness, y’all she did it! Dr. Zampell spent countless hours in an operating room and her efforts are easy on the eyes. Feeling confident in this body has everything to do with my successful recovery. I would not recommend another doctor other than Dr. Zampell. She will never know the profound imprint she left on me. But I hope I can convince you if you are seeking a plastic surgeon to chose Dr. Zampell because I would chose her again and again. -xoxo


Zampell Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Where do I start? Dr Zampell is amazing!! I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma at age 46. I was shocked to say the least. I was unsure of what to do or where to turn. My world had just fallen upside down and my body as I had known it, was about to change. The vast amount of surgeons out there were overwhelming. We consulted with a few of them. After careful consideration, I went with Dr Zampell. She far exceeded any expectations that I had of her. Her work is very precise and meticulous. My scars looked so great that all of my other doctors were asking who my plastic surgeon was. I am so happy with the outcome of my surgeries. Dr Zampell was truly the silver lining to the darkest cloud of my life!! I will be wearing a bikini for the first time since I was in my 20's!!! She changed my life, and I am forever grateful.


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