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What is a SIEA flap?

Named for the "Superficial Inferior Epigastric Artery" in the lower abdomen, the SIEA flap is comparable to the DIEP flap, but uses a different set of blood vessels in the abdomen. Another difference is that the SIEA flap does not require any incision in the fascia layer covering the rectus abdominis muscle, thus completely avoiding any nerve, muscle or fascial injury to the abdominal wall.

Arguably the best looking Beverly Hills SIEA flap comes from the fact that this procedure spares the abdominal muscles completely, as only fat, skin and tissue are transferred to the chest area, where the blood vessels are then reconnected via microsurgery to ensure the survival of the new breast mounds. Once the transfer is complete, Dr. Zampell may use such innovative techniques as fat grafting to ensure the most harmonious and visually appealing final outcome.

What are the benefits?

  • Natural appearance and feel
  • No changing of implants necessary
  • Shorter recovery time than with DIEP flap
  • No disturbance to abdominal muscle tone
  • Shorter recovery times than with TRAM flaps
  • Tighter abdomen, as with a tummy tuck
  • No risk of hernia
  • Improved satisfaction with one's image

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Who makes a good candidate for surgery?

Dr. Zampell in Beverly Hills will perform an in-depth physical evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for the SIEA flap. Certain women will not qualify if they lack the superficial blood vessels to support the flap; if the blood vessels are too small; or if the vessels have been injured by prior surgery. Women who lack sufficient belly fat do not make good candidates for the treatment.

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What can I expect from my recovery?

After your surgery, you will need to remain at the hospital for healing and observation for about three days. You can move around within one day of surgery and gentle movement is encouraged to help stimulate circulation. Surgical drains may be placed to help rid the body of excess fluids. Your total recovery time is estimated at three to six weeks until full return of regular activities.

A compression garment may be worn for up to six weeks, as this will help reduce excess swelling and ensure your new breast shape remains intact as the surrounding tissue heals.

Why choose Dr. Zampell in Beverly Hills for SIEA flap surgery?

To carry the title of providing some of the best SIEA flap surgery Beverly Hills has to offer requires meticulous training in microsurgery, as it is a delicate, complex treatment reserved for a smaller percentage of breast reconstruction patients. Dr. Zampell has a consummate background in all autologous breast reconstruction techniques, tailoring her approach to the unique anatomical variables that exist in each patient. Her results are thus highly customized, and exquisitely natural. Dr. Zampell's fine-tuned eye for precision and detail make her among the most qualified surgeons in Beverly Hills and beyond to perform the SIEA flap procedure.

Dr. Zampell graduated with honors from Ohio State University College of Medicine, continuing her education with an elite surgical residency at the world-class New York University. She then completed a coveted fellowship in microsurgery at the University of California Los Angeles. Dr. Zampell also worked in partnership with Dr. Robert Allen, a veteran pioneer reconstructive surgeon at Ochsner Medical Center in Louisiana.

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